Custom Extrusion has perfected a complex manufacturing process that enables the continuous production of two color extruded parts. What can this mean for you? Consider these significant cost-saving advantages in our unique simultaneous two-color extruding system.
  Colors are fabricated throughout the part, thereby eliminating costly paint cycles. No more color match problems, and no clean-up! Eliminating painting and curing stations means that less area of your precious production space is consumed by any one job. QC is tightly controlled here at Custom Extrusion, drastically reducing your inspection requirements and improving your reject rate.

Say goodbye to time consuming and space-hungry component assembly routines too! One piece two-color components will streamline your production runs and eliminate hazardous solvent bonding compounds. All of this adds up to healthier profits, far less equipment and raw materials, reduced labor costs, and improved production efficiency.


Another big plus of the two-color system is scratch resistance. Since colors are through-and-through, and not merely a thin layer of fragile paint, minor chips and abrasions, so common in the field, go unnoticed.

The most obvious advantage is quality. Two-color extruding means uniform color control, virtually putting an end to "weak spots" at color transitions. The pigment change is clearly defined– sharp from color to color. No blotchy areas, and no color thinning. You and your customer get the high-fidelity, high-impact design that you paid for– consistently from run to run.

Give us a call, and let us put this breakthrough system to work for you today!